“Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) has collaborated with Anita Ernstorfer since 2018, on a frequent consultancy basis. She has provided different types of advisory, design, capacity building, facilitation and process support, both in person and digitally, and in particular to the thematic units working with dialogue, mediation and peace process support. To name a few examples, Anita has supported, advised and facilitated a couple of (longer) system conflict analysis processes, for instance in relation to our bilateral project in Iraq. She has supported the design and facilitation of tailor-made trainings and workshops, including for the FBA and UNDPPA’s dialogue and mediation course, where she had a particular responsibility for the system conflict analysis and peace programming modules. Anita was also the lead facilitator of FBA’s Research and Practice Dialogues on effective mediation during 2022. During and beyond these interventions, Anita has also been a valuable sounding board and conversation partner, especially in relation to the important question of how to best design interventions that can help shift conflict systems positively. To summarize the helpful frameworks from the Reflecting on Peace Practice project, and to share a few reflections, Anita was the author of a recent FBA paper on ‘strategic peacebuilding’.  Our experience from working with Anita is very positive – apart from her extensive thematic expertise, and strong analytical and facilitation skills, she understands and is adaptive to our organisation’s needs; she is timely, trust-worthy and effective; and, not at least, Anita listens actively, collaborates smoothly, and has a warm personality, which have contributed positively to the different teams she has been involved in during her FBA assignments.”                           — Maja Jakobsson, Head of Dialogue and Peace Mediation Unit, Folke Bernadotte Academy


“I have worked with Anita for several years and continue to appreciate tapping into her vast knowledge and experience. Her understanding of the peacebuilding field, including its continued evolution, combined with her extensive country experience has helped leverage systemic change as an Advisor to Interpeace. She directs Interpeace’s highly regarded professional development course on ‘effective advising in complex contexts’ in addition to her work with us on several other strategic portfolios. As a facilitator, Anita’s ability to create spaces for critical reflection and analysis has been deeply appreciated by Interpeace, and inspired course participants to perform at their best. Her passion and thirst for learning is infectious which naturally brings participants to become active in their learning rather than passively consuming course material.”   — Renée Lariviere, Senior Director of Programmes, Interpeace 


“Anita is a valued and sought-after member of the Programme Support Team of the Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO). In this capacity, she led a comprehensive synthesis review of the Peacebuilding Fund’s evaluations, and produced an excellent analysis which contributed significantly to the development of the M&E component of the Fund’s Strategy 2020-2024. Anita helped us think through issues such as how to improve guidance on how to measure achievable change in peacebuilding and how to increase emphasis on learning. Anita’s in-depth knowledge of the peacebuilding field, her understanding of the work of the United Nations, and her vast experience covering several geographic areas make her an asset for PBSO. In addition to being an excellent and seasoned professional, she is a pleasure to work with –patient, collegial, friendly and always ready to provide support and advice.” — Simona Santoro, Peacebuilding Support Office, United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (UN DPPA)