Note: I work with partners and clients both in-person as well as through inter-active virtual and hybrid formats. 

Systems Analysis and Systems Change processes

  • Facilitation of multi-stakeholder and participatory peace and conflict systems analysis (example: Syria systems analysis)
  • Conflict- sensitivity & Do No Harm and application of peacebuilding principles within the development and humanitarian sector, see for example my discussion paper on conflict-sensitivity in PVE (prevention of violent extremism) with UNDP
  • Organizational capacity reviews

Thought Leadership and Applied Research

Training and Accompaniment for Systems Change

Strategy and Program Development

  • Facilitation of country strategy, program development & adaptation processes using a variety of tools, including complexity aware and systems approaches, Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP) and Do No Harm (DNH)
  • Facilitation of organizational strategy development processes with senior to program level staff, including collective impact strategies within and across sectors
  • Application of complex systems dynamics tools, including from the Human Systems Dynamics Institute

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

  • Synthesis reviews and meta-evaluations, for example PBF Synthesis Review of portfolio and project level evaluations
  • Facilitation of informal strategy and program reflection exercises, program quality assessments and evaluability assessments, see resource guide here
  • Development of new monitoring, evaluation, and learning tools and approaches in fragile settings, see for example DM&E for peacebuilding training package, and Borrowing a Wheel

Facilitation and Public Speaking

  • Facilitation of leadership and senior management processes, such as executive management retreats and team development processes
  • Frequent public speaker (in-person and virtual) 
  • Teaching and adult learning facilitation experience

My full CV can be accessed here