Partners and clients I work with globally are interested in collaborative, trust-based, inclusive, learning oriented and long-term approaches to improve how they go about achieving systemic change. I have experience managing and working in mixed, multi-cultural teams across the globe, leveraging the skills and expertise of different colleagues and perspectives. I work with partners and clients individually, but seek collaboration in different shapes and forms when a project will be stronger through a team approach. To do so successfully, I build on a large network of other experts, organizations I have partnered with in the past, and expert rosters I have been invited to join. I work with a variety of different international partners and clients (for examples of recent client and partners, please see my full CV). I tailor specific approaches and tools to my individual projects, for example from CDA Collaborative Learning Projects and the Human Systems Dynamics Institute

“Anita  collaborated with Folke Bernadotte Academy in providing a training on systems approaches to conflict analysis for UN staff working in different UN missions across the Middle East. Anita’s expertise, her rich experience in systems approaches and her excellent facilitation skills ensured that the training was a great success. Her ability to listen to and to adapt to the needs of the participants and to raise critical issues in constructive ways are remarkable and were greatly appreciated by the participants and our partners from the UN. From the beginning, the collaboration between Anita and FBA has been very positive on a professional as well as on a personal level. At FBA, we are looking forward to continuing the collaboration with Anita.

Christian Altpeter, Senior Dialogue and Mediation Officer, Folke Bernadotte Academy