My independent work builds on more than 20 years of work experience and previous staff roles with bi- and multi-lateral agencies and NGOs – UNDP, UNICEF, GIZ, EU, and CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, working in and across five continents. I have worked for operational organizations as well as an applied researcher, facilitator, adviser, trainer, evaluator, manager, mentor, and lecturer in support of implementing agencies to improve the effectiveness of what they do in complex settings.

Frequently, obstacles to achieving progress toward socio-political change are rooted in internal organizational cultures, power imbalances, wider systems blockages, or individual resistance. Understanding and addressing those is as critical as understanding the external environments we work in. One can only do this type of work well with a good sense of humor, a healthy dose of sereneness and modesty, and the ability to laugh about yourself at any time. I  take these personal qualities and values into all my partnerships and engagements.

For more information on my background and sample projects, please see my detailed CV and 2-page resume.  

“I have worked with Anita for several years and continue to appreciate tapping into her vast knowledge and experience. Her understanding of the peacebuilding field, including its continued evolution, combined with her extensive country experience, have helped leverage systemic change as an Advisor to Interpeace. She directs Interpeace’s highly regarded professional development course on ‘effective advising in complex contexts’ in addition to her work with us on several other strategic portfolios. As a facilitator, Anita’s ability to create spaces for critical reflection and analysis has been deeply appreciated by Interpeace, and inspired course participants to perform at their best. Her passion and thirst for learning is infectious, which naturally brings participants to become active in their learning rather than passively consuming course material.”                                                                             

Renée Lariviere, Senior Director of Programmes, Interpeace